About Us

Original Disnerd has been a dream of ours for the better part of a decade. Long-time “Disnerds” ourselves, we’ve always had a love for the history of the magic, however finding a “Magic Journeys” t-shirt these days isn't an easy proposition. That's where Original Disnerd comes in.

We love the history and the classics. We love the small details only a true Disnerd would remember. We love to give the magic our own twist. We love making t-shirts that bring back good memories and put a smile on your face.

The Original Disnerds (aka Chris & Leesa)

Left: Chris rockin' a stylish mouse sweater on his first trip to Disneyland circa 1977. Right: Leesa at work as Kate Durango (aka The Bandit) on the Great Movie Ride circa 2002.  Center: Chris and Leesa just being the Disnerds they are today.